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Slots Games Strategies: The Standard Deviation

February 10, 2016
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Slots Games Strategies

Slots games jackpots are reliant on luck, so defining a pattern is the only way to boost your odds. Online jackpots are governed by RNGs that rely on statistics. In order to win at slots, you’ll need to use the same approach. Statistics is ever helpful with online gambling.

The Standard Deviation Strategy

The standard deviation slots games strategy will help you define a reliable pattern. It has three step: playing ca. 10 games online; calculating the standard deviation; playing another game applying the findings. Don’t interrupt the streak while playing either the odds will change.

To boost the payout, gamble equal-ratio slots games. They will provide you with best payouts. In addition, you can maximize the payout yourself. Namely, if you invest 50 pennies, the jackpot will be 5 times higher than if you invest 10. Since you’ll know when the next jackpot is to occur, simply invest the maximum amount of credits on the designated spin.

Now play at least 10 gamble equal-ratio games in order to come up with a valid pattern. Once finished, calculate the standard deviation. E-g., if it took 8 to 16 spins between the jackpots jackpot, the standard deviation will be 12.

Play another game. Use free bonuses for the first 11 spins and invest the maximum amount of credits on the 12th.

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